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According to, the average marketing director costs businesses $120,506 per year.  And more than likely, the average marketing director will end up doing your marketing all wrong, since they have been trained and experienced in the use of the outdated and obsolete marketing practices. 

A Better option is to use our Virtual Marketing Department (VMD) service.  With this option, you can retain our services for a fraction of the cost of a Marketing Director, and actually have you marketing systems and strategies developed the right way, using the Power Marketing Program ™. Our monthly retainer fee is relatively low because we make our money on the participation fee—which you'll never have to pay if we can't grow your company.  That's how confident we are in our ability to bring you new dollars into your business that you're currently not getting. 

On top of that, as a VMD client, we'll handle all of your fulfillment needs with a discounted pricing schedule. You were going to pay retail price anyway on the fulfillment items you needed- now, you can have access to a complete marketing fulfillment agency at a guaranteed discount. Request your Discovery Meeting below:

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